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A Big World for a Little Girl


Lately, Evie has been asking a lot of questions about where we live and our planet.  I’m often fielding inquiries from her such as “Is Chicago our city?” “Do we take an airplane to Mexico?” “Is this the way to Granmary’s house??“  She loves looking at maps, whether it be the one at the bus [...]

Homemade Mother of the Week: Laura Mueller, owner of Acacia Organics


This post is the eighth in the series “Homemade Mother of the Week.” If you know a woman who is thoughtfully sharing her passion for the planet,  families or the well-being of others, please nominate her for this special recognition.  Send an email with all the details to This week I’d like you to [...]

Putting Fall’s Root Vegetables to Delicious Use

root veggies

Yesterday morning Mack woke up fussing at 5:24.  Ugh.  Although he settled himself back to sleep, I was up. I gave myself 20 minutes to fall back into my dreams, but it was no use.  So, I decided to be productive with this extra 90 minutes in my day.  I took care of a few [...]

Hug (and Kiss!) a Veteran Today!


  I can say with near certainty that March 24, 2004 was perhaps the best day of my life. Its the day when my husband came home from Iraq. After nearly a year fighting a war on the other side of the globe, Chris returned home healthy and in good spirits (and much thinner!).  Although [...]

In Defense of Large Families


With the announcement yesterday that reality TV family the Duggars are now expecting their 20th child, it seems like the Internet is ready to erupt: how could they be so irresponsible?, so many kids is a drag on the planet!, the oldest children are raising the little ones!, how can Michelle’s body endure yet another [...]

Some Homemade Ways to Cope with Morning Sickness


Now that I am well into my third pregnancy, in some ways I feel like an old pro when it comes to all this.  I don’t re-read every chapter of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” every week, and I can’t spend hours scouring the internet for clues about the baby’s sex.  I am so [...]

Homemade Banana Bread French Toast


We go through so many bananas in our house that its rare we have any ripe enough for homemade banana bread.  Sometimes when I’m craving this baked treat I’ll purposefully seek out older bananas at the grocery store in hopes they’ll turn brown before we get a chance to eat them! The other day I [...]

Budget Blows

In many ways, October was a wonderful month.  My sister Colleen got married, the weather was fabulous and the kids were so happy to celebrate Halloween. We really enjoyed all the special moments the month had to offer. But, as far as our budget goes, October was a real roller coaster.  Some unexpected expenses hit [...]

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies


When it comes to baking, my skills pale in comparison to my sister Meghan’s.  She makes wonderful cookies, pies and pastries, all of which call for exact measurements and temperatures.  On the other hand, I love baking tarts and sweet breads that tend to be a little more forgiving when it comes to preciseness.  I [...]

Perfect Soup for a Pumpkin Pot


At the start of the fall season my mom gave my sisters and I each a lovely pumpkin cast iron pot.  We had been admiring the one she puts on display every year, so her thoughtful gesture really means a lot. Every time I look at my new pot I think of my mom and [...]