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Evelyn is getting very curious about learning how to read.  She is only 3 1/2, so we’re starting with the basics right now. I was going to buy her some letter flashcards, but they seemed a bit overpriced for what they were.  Plus, I prefer to spend time with my kids making something.  I think its good for them to see that they don’t have to buy everything they want; sometimes homemade is just as good, if not better.

One afternoon while Mack napped Evie and I wrote out some alphabet flash cards on inexpensive blank 3×5 cards.  Every day she and I go through the deck at least twice, and she now confidently recognizes all 26 letters.  We’ve graduated onto sounding out the letters, and she beams with pride when she has the correct answer.  I can’t help but beam, too!

Perhaps the best part of this simple craft project? Mack has taken an interest in the letter cards, and Evie spends time teaching him what she knows.  Its so sweet to see them working together…all because we spent an afternoon making homemade flash cards!

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  1. Alexis says:

    Hi Maureen! I am so excited to see little Evie and Mack so interested in practicing their letters! Another good tip for you – the dollar store sells alphabet and math flash cards as well and you can’t beat the price 🙂 I use them at school for extra practice and give a fun dollar store sticker at the end of hard work too!

  2. Gabi's Mommy says:

    hi, I found your blog by accident and I love your writing 3 minutes into reading lol. Im in NYC and I have found that Target (in Brooklyn) sells flash cards of all sorts for preschoolers for about a $1 a box and box for the same price too if that is something that might be found in your area also it might be worth checking out. My daughter’s best friend lives within a few miles and I teach them both at home when I can and they are both 3 going on 4 and in PreK, private school since it’s more advanced.

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