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Homemade Pecan Pie (without corn syrup!)

I think I’ve created a monster. My kids are not allowed to eat anything that contains high fructose corn syrup.  Its a steadfast rule in our house, and the kids pride themselves on following it.  They know that most brightly packaged foods contain it, and they generally stay away from those items. My mom requested […]

Cocoa Berry Smoothie

Thanksgiving is here, and we’re all so excited!  Evie has been learning about the holiday in school, and everyday I try to encourage gratitude in their little hearts.  Its nice to have a day just about being thankful. To counteract the delightful calorie overload headed our way this evening, I mixed up a healthy breakfast […]

Warm Maple Milk

Chicago can’t seem to make up her mind.  After a brisk October, November has been relatively mild. Some days are close to 60 degrees, while others barely get out of the 30s. Regardless of the temperature, I like to take the kids outside everyday for some fresh air and exercise.  The other day was downright […]

Saturday Fun and Chris’ Scrambled Eggs

Until very recently, I dreaded the weekends.  For two years, Chris had to work full days every Saturday after long five-day work weeks.  That meant we had one day together as a family, and it was so rushed and jam-packed that we had no real opportunity to enjoy it.  The weekends were more work than […]

Pricey Peppers for a Pittance

Every week I travel to a few different grocery stores.  We stick to a very strict $150/week grocery budget, and I do my absolute best to stock our kitchen with plenty of seasonal and organic food.  If I want to stay on budget, I can’t rely on just one store to fill our needs.  I […]

Crafts & Potluck

Last Sunday Chris and the guys went out for a steak dinner and then to the Bears game at Soldier Field. Rather than spend the night alone with the kids, I invited my sisters, mom and grandma over for dinner and crafts. I am certainly not a crafty girl, but its fun to gather ladies […]

Just the Girls

Lately, I’ve been extraordinarily stressed.  With three kids and only one me, I’m always worried that there just isn’t enough time in the day to make all of them feel loved and special and attended to. At the end of every day I realize that I literally have nothing left to give.  I am spent. […]

Thank You, Veterans!

Every November 11 is an important day for our family.  Because Chris served in the Army for 4 years and was deployed to Fallujah, Iraq with the 82nd Airborne from 2003-2004, Veteran’s Day holds  extra special meaning. On this day I take a few moments to feel grateful for Chris’ safe return and to send […]

The Longest Hour

Once a week Evie attends an hour-long Spanish class at Multilingual Chicago, a wonderful language facility here in the city.  Its technically a drop-off class, but its so far from home that I have to stick around. The school has a lovely waiting area for parents and younger siblings.  While most of the other little […]

A Fresh Take on Homemade Baby Food

When Evie first started with solid foods four years ago, I took lots of care and time to slice, steam and blend the perfect mini meals for her (read about my case for homemade baby food here). Not only is homemade healthier, but I imagine it must be tastier for tiny palates. Homemade baby food […]