Coconut Oil GIVEAWAY

I recently posted a few reasons why I enjoy using coconut oil.  Now you have a chance to win a quart from Tropical Traditions!

Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil - 32 oz.Win 1 quart of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil!

Tropical Traditions is America’s source for coconut oil. Their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is hand crafted in small batches by family producers, and it is the highest quality coconut oil they offer. You can read more about how virgin coconut oil is different from other coconut oils on their website: What is Virgin Coconut Oil?

You can also watch the video they produced about Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil:


Tropical Traditions also carries other varieties of affordable high quality coconut oil. Visit their website to check on current sales, to learn about the many uses of coconut oil, and to read about all the advantages of buying coconut oil online. Since the FDA does not want us to discuss the health benefits of coconut oil on a page where it is being sold or given away, here is the best website to read about the health benefits of coconut oil.

To enter, you must do the following:

1. Subscribe to this newsletter that will give you more info on coconut oil:

2. Leave a comment below letting me know why you are interested in coconut oil.

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Contest ends on Wednesday 2/27 at 11:59 PM CST. Good luck!

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  1. Talia B. says:

    I used to hate coconut, but since starting real food I’ve learned that I hated fake, cheap coconut. I am learning to love the good stuff!

  2. Talia B. says:

    I subscribe to the newsletter

  3. Pam says:

    I LOVE coconut oil! Since becoming dairy-free (and gluten-free) after the birth of my 2nd child due to a new batch of food intolerances and leaky gut, Coconut oil has become my go-to pantry staple for so many butter/dairy replacements. I also love getting a little messy cooking with it as its an awesome moisturizer and I just rub in any extra instead of washing it off. And on popcorn, its super yummy! Please pick me. There’s only 2 TBSP left in my current jar…

  4. Pam says:

    subscribed to the newsletter. Thanks again.

  5. suzanne says:

    i bought coconut oil for the first time when my daughter had thrush (it works!!). I have since started cooking with it and love it!

  6. Katy Hinsdale says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter!

  7. Katy Hinsdale says:

    I actually recently started cooking with coconut oil after starting to eat/cook more “clean” for my family. And after your recent post about coconut oil, I was even more intrigued by the other uses for it!

  8. Hannah says:

    I love coconut oil, both for how it’s safe for using with cloth diapers as a rash ointment, but also for cooking. I’m also looking into whipping it to use as moisturizer.

  9. April Shaner says:

    I am really interested in trying coconut oil as a replacement for regular vegetable oil in my kitchen and all the great alternative uses out of the kitchen. Not to mention the great health benefits that my family could use!

  10. April Shaner says:

    I want to replace soy based vegetable oil in my kitchen and discover the great health benefits of this oil.

  11. amy says:

    I cook with coconut oil all the time. I want to start using it for lotion and other health recipes.

  12. Andrea says:

    So many bloggers are using it, and I’m curious to know what it tastes like! And I would like to try it as a moisturizer.

  13. Apryl says:

    I’ve LOVED using coconut oil instead of lotion on my babies’ dry spots. I’ve also ingested it (melted or in oatmeal) to help boost my milk production! I’ve used it for other random things, but would like to utilize it more… it can be pricey, though 🙂 I know I’ll need more for sure when our new baby arrives in July!

  14. Elena Vo says:

    Thanks so much for the generous giveaway! I subscribed at tariqsaleemrana at yahood ot com. So far I’ve heard really good reviews of coconut oil being used for hair masks. Would love to try it out for myself!

  15. Kaylee Chord says:

    I am interested in trying coconut oil…I have never used it before! I have a homemade whole grain bread recipe that I am excited to try that uses coconut oil. I am very intrigued by the health benefits of using coconut oil on my two littles ones’ eczema and as a healthy natural alternative to other more readily available processed oils. I would love to try it!

  16. Kaylee Chord says:

    Subscribed to the newsletter! 🙂

  17. becky martinez says:

    we recently became paleo so we cook with it a lot. i love using it on my skin instead of lotion.

  18. becky martinez says:

    i subscribed to the newsletter

  19. Donna R. says:

    Coconut oil is all over the web with its health benefits for cooking, health care and other uses…would like to try this brand to see how it compares to those I’ve tried.

  20. Megan says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter, and I love coconut oil!!

  21. Amber Gillespie says:

    I subscribe to the TT newsletter as karmakaytlyn(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  22. Amber Gillespie says:

    I am interested in coconut oil because it is versatile and is safe to use in cooking and baking.

  23. Kathleen says:

    Our family has come to love the many uses for coconut oil. (makeup remover, moisturizer, adding it to our granola recipe). But, our favorite is using it to make popcorn!

  24. domestic diva says:

    I subscribe to tt newsletter.

  25. domestic diva says:

    I love that coconut oil is healthy and delicious. I can’t wait to try this brand.

  26. nikki c says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter

  27. nikki c says:

    I love coconut oil it has so many uses. I use it in cooking and I really love using it on my daughter as a moisturizer and it works great as a cloth diaper safe cream.

  28. Laura says:

    I have several friends who swear by coconut oil and they ALL recommend Tropical Traditions. I was planning on signing up for their newsletter so thanks for the push on that.

    I do not like change and have been nervous about using coconut oil. It has a high spark temperature and does make food taste better (I have tried others cooking) and would like to try it.

  29. KB248 says:

    Coconut oil for cooking 🙂

  30. Megan says:

    I subscribed. I’ve heard great things about Tropical Tradition and would love to try their coconut oil.

  31. Leslie Moldenauer says:

    I love coconut oil. I cook with it every day. I as well as the rest of my family eat it by the spoonful. I also make whipped body butter every other week that my family uses on their skin. I oil pull to keep my teeth healthy. I rub coconut oil into my problem scalp a couple of times a week.

    It goes without saying that this one income family of four goes through a lot of coconut oil. I have been a stay at home Mom for 7 years now. We struggle, but we make other sacrifices so that we can live as healthy and organic as possible.

    I will take all the help I can get, and I offer up as much as I can too. <3

  32. Margaret says:

    I’m curious to try cooking with it.

  33. Gina says:

    I love coconut oil and use it for everything!

  34. Elle says:

    Hi! I’ve subscribed to the newsletter, but I don’t know yet why I live coconut oil, since I’ve never tried it! That’s why I’d like to win some to see what it’s all about, especially since your last post has me intrigued by it. I think pancakes would be the first thing I’d try, since my husband and I both love all things coconut! Thanks!

  35. Rebecca says:

    Just subscribed. I’m trying to start slowly living a more natural lifestyle, with 2 kids and 1 on the way making changes slowly is the way we do it in our house.

  36. Hillary Dana-Rumi says:

    I love coconut oil. I’m consistently finding new uses for it! Baby, body, hair, cooking, medicinal.. One of nature’s finest!

  37. Sara Wolford says:

    I have recently decided I would like to try oil pulling for dental health with coconut oil.

  38. Stephanie says:

    I subscribed. I am excited to learn more ways to use my new favorite product. My friend introduced me to coconut oil. I was so disappointed when my daughter stopped nursing b/c we used to use the milk to cure nearly every ailment! After doing some research, i found that raw organic coconut oil has very similar properties and can also cure pink eye, rashes, dry skin, athletes foot, yeast and thrush overgrowth, chapped lips, etc. I am going through this stuff like crazy!!! I have also read you can use it for deodorant and toothpaste, but i’m not quite that brave… YET. I use it for all my cooking, baking, to make popcorn (mmmmm) and honeslty, sometimes i just take a spoonful b/c its good for me and really, just because its so yummy! I pray I win!!! I can’t keep this stuff in the house!

  39. Terri says:

    I love how soft my skin is becoming after using coconut instead of lotion. I used to hate coconut, but I love it, now!

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