Budget Blows

In many ways, October was a wonderful month.  My sister Colleen got married, the weather was fabulous and the kids were so happy to celebrate Halloween. We really enjoyed all the special moments the month had to offer.

But, as far as our budget goes, October was a real roller coaster.  Some unexpected expenses hit us, and we’ve been walking a financial tightrope ever since.  We had a few several hundred dollar surprises, but perhaps the biggest blow came early in the month when the kids, in their enthusiasm for clean hands, cracked the bathroom sink with the glass soap dispenser.

In most households, the $12 glass soap dispenser would have broken upon impact…but, of course in a home where the budget really matters its the sink!

Now, $796.06 later, we have a new sink installed.  It looks great, but I can think of at least 796 other ways I would have rather spent that hard-earned money.

So, with all the expenses October threw at us, we knew we’d have to tighten things up a bit in November.  No restaurant meals. Eating through the pantry and freezer rather than grocery shopping. Trimming the holiday shopping list.  For the first two days of the month, things were off to a great start…until Wednesday when Mack pushed over a floor lamp, crushing the shade, shattering the CFL bulb and loosening the spot where the bulb screws in.  Time to get a new lamp, I guess.  Argh…

Ever have a month when your finely tuned budget is smashed to smithereens and your perfectly made plans go down the drain??

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  1. I had no idea a sink could cost so much – yikes! We had to replace our heater and A/C this summer, which was a big blow to our budget. We’d been putting them off for years (not smart, but oh well) and then finally the hottest summer in 60 years + a very pregnant me meant we had to do it. Ouch, especially with a new baby on the way.
    I love your idea about eating through the pantry & freezer though – we could definitely stand to clear things out and just buy produce/dairy for the next month.

  2. Courtney says:

    I feel this way every month! This month our unexpected costs totaled about 5,000. (I’ll spare you the details!) Yikes! Sometimes it feels like an impossible battle, no matter how hard you try. But, when I feel frustrated with our budget, I remember how lucky we are that money is our biggest problem 🙂

  3. Yes! We have had unexpected expenses that have completely blown our budget. I’ve learned to stretch every dollar. It’s amazing how resourceful you become when you don’t have a choice.

  4. chris says:

    Just goes to show the value of that “misc.” item in your monthly budget. Maybe ours should be greater 🙁

  5. I always have unexpected things come up and I am on social security and know that is the only thing I have .I havent been able to start a savings account. My remedy I think for the sink would be to get a cheaper sink at a home supply store and upgrade later if you want to and can,the light looks like it needed the cord pulled back tight and everythng screwed together again.I love DIY but most things I do out of necessity

  6. Yvonne Miranda says:

    Hi Maureen, stumbled across your website while on Linkedin for open buying positions with Walter E. Smithe. I’m amazed that you are a full time buyer and do this too!
    Way to go girl!! Awesome! Love seeing mom’s, being all they can be!!

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