A Conscious Consumer

How often do you consider a product’s packaging before you purchase it? For me, its every time. I am determined to reduce the amount of waste my family generates, so by questioning a product’s wrapping before I buy it I am trying to be a conscious consumer. Instead of just looking at the food in a package, why not also think about the package the food is in??

In the great glass vs. plastic debate, I’ll always side with glass. Plastic has so many questionable chemicals – its just not for me. Even when a glass packaged product is a little more expensive than its plastic wrapped cousin, I’ll still opt for the glass. It just seems like the right thing to do.

When food is prepared and packaged in a factory it usually means that A) it is processed food and therefore I don’t need it and B) I can probably make it (better) on my own. So, I make a lot of things from scratch. I now make homemade peanut butter, yogurt, salsa, jam and bread (to name a few). Special treats like ice cream and cookies are always made in our kitchen, all in an effort to cut our contribution to the city dump. As a bonus, doing things on my own always seems to save me a considerable amount of money. Plus, its fun!

I know we’re headed in the right direction. My mom recently asked me why we have such a small kitchen garbage can. She suggested I “splurge” on a larger one. I told her that it takes my family of four 2 days to fill up the little one, so getting a bigger one isn’t necessary!

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