Veggie Roasting 101

Ever since Chris subscribed to a mostly Paleo diet several years ago, I have tasked myself with finding new ways to prepare the same veggies we love.  Steamed vegetables are boring, and there is no way I can get my kids to eat those.  But, roasting vegetables makes them irresistible, so that is what we do.  A lot. Like, almost every day.

Any time I want to prepare a quick side dish for dinner – or snacktime! – I roast whatever vegetables we have in the kitchen.  No recipe needed – it seems like most veggies are happy to roast at 425 degrees for anywhere from 10-25 minutes.  I just keep an eye on whatever is cookin’, and when it seems done I take it out of the oven and enjoy.

Roasted veggies obviously make an excellent side dish, but they are awesome tossed into salads for a lunch time treat.  We’ll even fold a generous portion into tortillas with queso fresco for quick veggie tacos.  And, roasted vegetables are  guaranteed kid pleasers!

Here are a few of our favorites:

*Chop and toss a few beets with olive oil, salt and pepper.*  These are as good as candy, seriously!

*Mushrooms tossed with a bit of olive oil, lots of garlic and salt/pepper.  Dot with a several generous lumps of butter.* Oh man, this is indulgent. Have some crusty bread for dipping into the garlicky, buttery pools at the bottom of the dish.

*Yellow potatoes cut into wedges, coated with melted bacon fat and sprinkled with garlic powder and salt.* Bacon fat…potatoes…yum!

*Turnips with olive oil and sprinkled with thyme and salt.  And, while I’m at it I’ll throw some asparagus onto the same pan to make clean up easier.  A bit of oil and salt is all it takes to make asparagus shine.*  This is an easy way to get kids to try vegetables they normally push off their plates.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I have tried all of these this week. Everything tasted wonderful and was a big hit with the grown-ups in the house! My kids turned up their noses at the beets and mushrooms, but hopefully they will try it one day. Thanks for the new ways to prepare veggies!

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