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Veggie Roasting 101

Ever since Chris subscribed to a mostly Paleo diet several years ago, I have tasked myself with finding new ways to prepare the same veggies we love.  Steamed vegetables are boring, and there is no way I can get my kids to eat those.  But, roasting vegetables makes them irresistible, so that is what we […]

Linguine with Mushrooms

Having kids changes EVERYTHING.  Before kids, a typical Friday night might have included a fun dinner at a fun restaurant, meeting up with friends, going to a movie, jetting off  for a quick weekend getaway.  These days, a super awesome Friday night for my husband and I now involves the following: *Chris helping Evie write […]

Soup for a Chilly Day

It is c-c-cold here in Chicago. We woke up this morning to snow! After a very mild November, winter has decided to finally settle upon our busy city. With all the excitement surrounding the holidays, it only seems fitting that we should be bundling up to go outside. Weather like this calls for warm and […]