Swimming Lesson


Of all the aches and pains associated with this pregnancy, perhaps the most persistent and annoying has been the feet/ankle/calf swelling. It is worse while sitting, moderately better while walking, and minimally improved while laying with my feet propped up. Walking is uncomfortable. Sleeping is uncomfortable. Moving is uncomfortable.

I’m uncomfortable. All the time.

But, I recently discovered the BEST way to combat nearly every pregnancy complaint: swimming. My parents have a pool in their condo building, so the kids and I head over there and spend a fun hour splashing in the cool water. It is heavenly!

In the pool my body feels weightless. I can move freely! I can stretch my legs! I can bounce and roam with full range of motion! I forget about the 11-pound bowling ball in my belly, and I remember what it feels like to have my body as my own. Tears well in my eyes just from the moment of relief.

In the pool, I can interact with the kids. I can comfortably carry little Ben and kiss his wet cheeks. I can help Vivian practice her kicking. Mack, Evie and I can swim as a team across the length of the pool. For the past 35 weeks, I’ve missed having physical fun with them!

The worst part of swimming while pregnant? Getting out of the pool. As I emerge from the water the weightlessness departs and I’m reminded of the extra 40 pounds wrapped around my body. But, I emerge refreshed and reminded that I need to take things easy. The little lives growing inside me are making very big demands, and if I don’t take care of my body I’m not taking care of them. The pool time is good for me…and them!

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