Nearly 5 years after bringing our first baby home, we recently got around to one of the more important things on our baby-proofing check-list: secure furniture to the wall.  We had many excuses for the delay: we weren’t sure when/if we were moving, we didn’t have the time, we didn’t have the right equipment.

But, my sister Caitie recently shared a link to a mother’s blog post about her beautiful 3 year old daughter who died when a dresser tipped on her.  Throughout her heart-wrenching account of the terrible day when her sweet Meggie died, the mother implores the reader to SECURE FURNITURE TO THE WALL.  Every year, dozens of children die  when furniture or TVs fall on them. We know better than to think something like this can’t happen to us.  So with tears in my eyes I forwarded the post to Chris.  It was time for us to check this off our to-do list.

Surprisingly, completing the task was no big deal.  Chris made it fun for the kids – he took them to the hardware store to buy the materials, and he let them “help” with the installation.  Even with two curious little ones by his side, it took Chris less than an hour to secure a tall bookcase in the toy room

and the floor mirror in our bedroom:

In honor of Meggie’s memory, I beg you to secure the furniture  and TVs in your home to the wall.  We spent less than $20 on two Quake Hold kits to make our home just a little bit safer for our precious babies.  It was money and time well spent.

Read the story of Meggie here:

Learn about Meghan’s Hope:

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  1. Paige says:

    Our furniture, grandfather clock, TVs, china cabinets, etc are all overly secure and have been in all the places we have lived with kids. Evanston, Texas and Connecticuit. It’s all been the first thing to get done when the furniture arrived.

  2. Donna R. says:

    Such an important message. The littles can get into things way before we realize it. I have a lucky former coworker..her toddler tried to climb the grandfather clock and it fell on her…she was fortunately safe inside the cavity. Many aren’t so lucky.

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