Reusable Produce Bags – Yippee!

As I’ve written about countless times before, I really really REALLY hate plastic.  One of the sneakiest plastic offenders, in my opinion, are the flimsy plastic produce bags from the grocery store.  While they can certainly be reused (or recycled, in a pinch), I have a sneaky suspicion that most of them end up in the landfill. Ick.

Its pretty humorous that folks buy apples that travel thousands of miles from an orchard…to a wholesaler’s warehouse…to a grocery store’s truck…to the hands of a store employee…to the display at the store…but the part of the journey we are most concerned about is the short and safe distance from the store to our home? Just doesn’t make sense to me.

I personally have no problem skipping the bag because I always wash the produce before eating it, anyway.  But, sometimes it’s nice to corral loose produce into bags just to make life easier for the kind cashier. I discovered Flip & Tumble reusable produce bags, and they are wonderful. They are extremely durable, and the cashier has no problem reading the little stickers on the produce.   Such an elegant solution to a very messy problem.

Flip & Tumble’s produce bags are 100% polyester, so they are lightweight and machine washable.  I keep my stash with my reusable shopping bags so they are always ready.  Plus, the company is managed by two enterprising and inspiring women dedicated to “making quality products that won’t end up in the landfill.”  So cool!

Check ’em out here:

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  1. Adele says:

    So cool – I will be purchasing these immediately!

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