Homemade Mothering on the Radio

Such a fun morning! I was a guest host on Heartbeat Radio for Women‘s “Mom Hour.”  I had the chance to speak about the concept behind Homemade Mothering: going back to basics while taking care of my family, my home and our planet.

While on the air, I was so fortunate to interview Lori Taylor, founder of the Real Diaper Association and owner of Fuzbaby, and Jake Kostka of Castle Rock Organic Dairy in Wisconsin.  Both guests spoke passionately, and I hope their words connected with the listeners.

Lori and I share a mutual appreciation (obsession??) for cloth diapers, and she is a real leader in the growing cloth diapering movement.  We both agreed that face-to-face education is crucial for families considering cloth diapers.  To this day, I am so grateful for the woman who taught me everything I know about this lost domestic art.

I discovered Castle Rock Organic Dairy about a year ago.  I was doing some research on raw milk, and Castle Rock’s milk is as close to raw as we can legally get.  Cows at Castle Rock are given freedom to pasture on organic land, and the milk is non-homogenized and only lightly pasteurized.  I am a very loyal drinker of the delicious milk his family’s cows provide, so I was thrilled to speak with one of the farmers behind the operation.

In case you missed the broadcast, check it out here: http://www.zshare.net/audio/89860824fbe29921/

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