Homemade Mothering in the News

Terra Baby in the News!

As I wrote about last month, I recently launched my own brand of cloth diapers, TerraBaby. A Chicago area newspaper picked up the story and ran an article about this new endeavor. Its nice to see cloth diapering getting some positive attention from mainstream media.  Cloth diapering isn’t just for hippies or eco-freaks or frugalites. Real […]

Homemade Mothering on NBC 5

The other week I wrote about the ban against my kids using chalk on the (public!) sidewalk outside our building.  We live in the middle of a huge city, and I appreciate the fact that we all have to make concessions for each other.  Some people might not like looking at chalk drawings as they […]

Homemade Mothering in USA Today

I was interviewed for an article about green cleaning in a recent issue of USA Today.  I feel so passionately about the importance of cleaning with simple homemade solutions.  Not only does making my own cleaning products save lots of money, but its infinitely healthier for my family and the planet.  Not to mention the […]

Homemade Mothering in Real Simple Magazine

The editors of Real Simple magazine asked the question, “What cutback has saved you the most money and changed your life the least?”, and Homemade Mothering’s answer is featured on page 31 of the November issue. Several years ago, I quit using paper towels and paper napkins.  In their place, we rely on reusable cloth […]

Homemade Mothering Interview on Fox News Chicago

Fox News Chicago interviewed me yesterday for a story about the way McDonald’s markets products to children.  As a Homemade Mother, I never serve my kids fast food.  When we’re on the road I like to plan ahead and pack meals – something as simple as a sandwich with homemade peanut butter travels well and […]

Homemade Mothering on the Radio

Such a fun morning! I was a guest host on Heartbeat Radio for Women‘s “Mom Hour.”  I had the chance to speak about the concept behind Homemade Mothering: going back to basics while taking care of my family, my home and our planet. While on the air, I was so fortunate to interview Lori Taylor, […]

Homemade Mothering Featured in Redbook Magazine

If you’ve got some extra time while you wait in line to check-out at the grocery store, flip through this month’s issue of Redbook Magazine.  Some of my tips and tricks for living on a budget are featured on page 138.  Living in a big city, we have to make every dollar count, and so […]

Homemade Mothering’s Tips for Cherishing Time with Kids in the News

I was recently interviewed for an article about how to make the most of time with kids. In the day-to-day race to check of all the boxes on my “to-do” list, its easy for me to lose sight of what is truly important.  While it might be nice to have a tidy home or an […]

Homemade Mothering’s Green Cleaning Tips in the News

Some of my tricks for re-purposing common household staples were recently published in an article on Mint.com.  While I’m no fan of house cleaning, it actually becomes kinda fun when I experiment with new methods of taking care of common chores.  Products like vinegar, baking soda and banana peels take on a whole new life […]

Homemade Mothering’s Cloth Diapering Manifesto in the News!

Looking for a way to save a few thousand dollars while saving the planet, too?  Then perhaps it is time to consider using cloth diapers on your precious babes.  We’ve used them since my 2 1/2 year old daughter was born and haven’t regretted it since. The best part about cloth diapering?  Potty training!  While […]

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