A Good Year

Another year has come to an end.  As a mom to three little ones, my New Years Eve consists of pajamas, a cosmopolitan and frozen yogurt with raspberries, and I couldn’t be happier or more content.  2013 is just an hour away, but it still sounds so futuristic – shouldn’t we have flying cars and robots helping around the house?!

2012 was a lovely year for my young family.  The highlight was the birth of sweet Vivian.  She is the best baby – I often say that if all babies were like her there would be 10 billion more people on the planet because folks would keep procreating.  She loves cuddling and observing and participating in life.  I am so grateful for her.

We moved to a new home in a new neighborhood.  After living in very tight quarters on a very tight budget for several years, its been nice to spread out (just a little) in a home that’s more accommodating to our busy family of five.  The kids now have wonderful neighborhood friends, and we have several parks within walking distance.  Life is good.

Chris and I carved out time to take a trip to Europe together. Thanks to my wonderful and generous mom, we left Evie and Mack in the States while we traveled to Brussels, Berlin and Warsaw.  It had been years since we enjoyed a few uninterrupted days together, and I treasured every moment.  He is my best friend and most favorite person in the whole world.  I feel so lucky to be married to Chris!

My beloved Notre Dame is about to play in the National Championship!!  Although I’m not lucky enough to go to the game, the kids and I will be cheering on the team from home.  This year Mack developed a real love for football and the Irish. When we ask him who the coach is, he says “Coach Kelly!” and he knows that “Fanti Teo” is the best player on the team.  Evie told her teachers that she has to work really hard in school so she can go to Notre Dame someday.  The kids love watching “Rudy” and request it often.  Have we brainwashed them?!

I started my own cloth diaper business, TerraBaby.com.  Ever since Evie was born nearly five years ago, I’ve been a champion for cloth diapering, so I thought it was time to sell some of my own.  The adventure of entrepreneurship has its fair share of ups and downs, but so far I am enjoying the ride.

But, perhaps the best part about this year were the many normal, regular days we enjoyed together as a family.  Rushing Evie to ballet practice on Saturday mornings.  Mack and Chris taking a soccer class together on Fridays.  Newborn Vivian stretched out on a blanket in the small patch of grass we have behind the house.  Quiet afternoon craft projects. Bathtime every night.  Its the small moments that make a year special. And I’m grateful for all of them.

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  1. lynne says:

    You are a wonderful MOM!!! Love you Maureen!

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