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2015: A Year of Good

2015. A hundred years from now, what will people say about this year? What will be remembered? Probably that this was the year when terrorism of all kinds took hold. Or that this was another year when politicians did absolutely nothing. Or perhaps the world will remember the countries and people who did nothing to […]

So Long, 2014!

In just about two hours, 2014 will come to an end. To that I say, good riddance! This was, by far, the most demanding year of my life. We had a fourth kid. We had to scramble (big time!) to buy our home when the landlord gave us short notice that she needed to sell. […]

A Good Year

Another year has come to an end.  As a mom to three little ones, my New Years Eve consists of pajamas, a cosmopolitan and frozen yogurt with raspberries, and I couldn’t be happier or more content.  2013 is just an hour away, but it still sounds so futuristic – shouldn’t we have flying cars and […]