Early Rise

I have been up since 2 am.

I fell asleep last night at 8:45 (!!), so by the time the twins woke up for their middle of the night feeds and cuddles I had already enjoyed a solid five hours of sleep. By 2:00, I was more rested than I’ve been in a year, so falling back to sleep just didn’t happen.

But, even though I know I will crash this evening well before the kids are ready for bed, I secretly kinda like early wake-ups like this. It is the only time I will have all day to be BY MYSELF.

I tiptoed downstairs, fixed a simple breakfast of avocado toast and Irish tea, and luxuriated in the silence. As an introvert, I treasure quiet time alone. As a mother of six kids who I love and adore, I NEVER get quiet time alone.

Unless I wake up at 2 am!

I know I am beyond sleep deprived. I know my body needs rest and recovery, and I do worry about the long term toll all these sleepless nights are taking on my physical health. But, I also know that my mental health depends on me carving out quiet time without any distractions or whining or boogery noses.

Someday I’ll get 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep again. But someday is most definitely not today. So until that day comes, I’ll wake up early, enjoy my quiet time, and share a cup of tea with any fellow early risers.

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