Why I Like Coconut Oil

I have a confession to make: I like fat.

Let me qualify that statement: I like healthy fats. I’ll happily consume bacon and whole milk and butter from pasture-raised cows (balanced out, of course, with lots of vegetables).  As far as I’m concerned, traditional foods in their natural state are far, far better for me than overly processed “diet” foods.  In the last year, we’ve also started to incorporate more coconut oil into our diets.

Humans have relied on coconut oil for thousands of years, so I view it as a traditional food.  Some people swear by coconut oil’s ability to cure disease and curb illness.  While I won’t go that far, I will say that it is a delightful addition to our kitchen cupboard and bathroom cabinet. Here’s how I use it around my home:

1. Balm for Winter Skin: My kids get chapped areas around their lips in the cold winter months, and coconut oil is the perfect remedy.  I scoop out a little, warm it on my hands and gently apply it to their dry patches.

2. Gentle cleanser: I use the oil method for cleaning my skin, and if I’m out of my preferred jojoba oil I will easily substitute coconut oil.  I’ve even used coconut oil to wash heavy fragrances off my newborn daughter’s head!

3. Substitute for cooking spray: Long ago I gave up the cooking spray that keeps baked goods from sticking to pans (those cans are so wasteful, its expensive, and what is the propellant used?!). Instead, I run a small piece of coconut oil onto a baking sheet.  As a bonus, it adds an subtle touch of extra sweetness to whatever I am baking. Just the other day I employed this trick while baking a batch of cocoa brownies with Mack.

4. Cooking oil: Chris loves his scrambled eggs when a thin layer of coconut oil greases the pan.  I personally think homemade pancakes prepared in a cast iron skillet with a slick of coconut oil are the best ever.

5. Recipe ingredient: Coconut oil has the ability to lend an exotic flavor to plenty of dishes. Chef Michael Smith’s Thai coconut curry soup is one of our favorites – even the kids love it!  Its great in sweets and baked goods, too.

We recently finished our first quart of Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil, and we are very pleased with the quality.  It is certified organic, has no GMOs, and the company seems very devoted to promoting healthful living. I appreciate that they are committed to harvesting and producing the coconut oil in a time-honored tradition, too. Check it out here at tropicaltraditions.com

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  1. Hannah says:

    I used it in place of diaper ointment as well. :~)

  2. April Shaner says:

    Maureen, thanks so much for this post. I was just considering how I need to buy coconut oil for my family and didn’t know if I had to buy different kinds for the kitchen and bathroom. I love your website for it’s great information. Thanks for providing a suggestion about where to buy and all the uses. I am convinced I will be buying some for my home:-)

  3. Coconad says:

    Coconut oil is widely used in coastal regions in Southern India. Coconut oil is considered one of the best cooking oil. Coconut oil adds a great taste for the fish curry and many other dishes. Here is the recipe for some dishes – http://klfcoconad.com/taste.html

  4. Theresa says:

    Hi Maureen,
    I love coconut oil. I use it in my hair every so often and just started putting it in Emma’s hair. Her hair is so curly and gets dry.
    For a couple years now, I love putting a tbsp in my tea…especially before eating. It really helps curb my appetite especially during the holidays so I don’t pig out as much.
    I need to learn to cook with it more. Thanks for the tips.

  5. I recently have seen this ingredient popping up in various recipes and I’ve been curious, but after reading your post I was inspired to purchase and start experimenting. Thanks Maureen!

  6. Coconut Oil says:

    Nice Information. I love coconut oil. It has many health advantages compared to all other oils.

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