Yesterday, with temperatures solidly in the 60s and sunshine galore, Evie, Juliet, Elinor and I joined 250,000 other people for the Women’s March here in Chicago. The presidential nominations, election and inauguration last year caused so much strife and turmoil in our good country, and I am exhausted from it. Marching seemed like a good way to find solace and solidarity. We walked from our home to the march, and as we approached the peaceful and bountiful crowd, tears welled in my eyes. I was so moved by everyone’s passion. It felt good to know our voices were being heard.

For a short moment I was hesitant about marching: I lean pro-life (but very pro-birth control) and the march’s organizers were clear that their message was very pro abortion rights. And, I’m not one who believes Hillary Clinton was the greatest candidate ever. But, I do believe that most marchers were open-minded and welcoming to people like me that fall in the “grey.” I was even worried about marching with the stroller, but some people went out of their way to make room for us and create a path for easy stroller access through the crowd. It was such an encouraging place to be for this mother of six. I loved it.

Here’s #WhyIMarch:

1. For My Daughters: I have four of them. Four smart little women. I want them to be proud of their voices and opinions. I want them to appreciate our history: less than 100 years ago we weren’t even allowed to vote! Marching showed Evie what’s so great about America: SHE WILL ALWAYS HAVE A VOICE (she just has to use it!).

2. For My Sons: I have two of them. Two smart little gentlemen. I want them to be open-minded and civic-minded, too. After all, women’s rights are human rights.

3. For My Husband: Because he is AWESOME. While Evie, the twins and I were at the march, he: took Ben and Vivian to an art class, brought Mack to swimming lessons, did all the grocery shopping and cleaned the house. He supports me in whatever I want to do, and he shows our family love in so many ways every.single.day. He is a wonderfully lovable, handsome (!) and hard-working feminist who sets a great example of what an attentive husband and father should be. I love him so much.

4. For Elected Leaders: So they can see that there are a lot of citizens who want equal and fair treatment for everyone. Immigrants, women, people of color and LGBT have historically been marginalized, and we need laws and leaders to protect the newfound rights we all worked so hard to secure.  Sidenote: fortheloveofgod, please don’t build that idiotic wall. I happen to love Mexico and Mexicans and I really don’t want a wall dividing us.

5. For the First Woman President: She is out there. Right now. I feel more certain than ever that after 240 years America’s first female president is alive and among us. Perhaps she was marching with me in Chicago yesterday. She should know that experience, love of country and intelligence (and not her looks, boobs or husband) will bring her to the White House.

6. For the Millions of Women Around the World Who Don’t Have the Same Basic Human Rights I Do: Perhaps they saw the rest of us marching and now know that women can and should have a voice. Hopefully all the marches will encourage these women to fight for fairness and freedom.

7. For the Assholes I Spotted After the March: Two construction workers pulled a marcher’s discarded sign out of the garbage. It read “The Future Is Female.” They held it up and laughed and took pictures with it in the most obnoxiously mocking ways. I was in a moving car and I couldn’t roll my window down in time to give them a piece of my mind.  It broke my heart later in the day when Evie told me she saw them, too. She was on such a high from the march, and I worry those losers broke her spirit even a little bit. I reminded her that their attitudes are why we have marches like this in the first place! Jerks.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Way to go, mama! I brought my 2 daughters to a sister march and loved the energy and passion of everyone there! Keep on keepin’ on! I WILL see the first female president in my lifetime, I just know it! #strongertogether

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Can we count on your support at your local March for Life?

    The message that is most often missed (or ignored/excluded at the Women’s March) is that the pro-life movement supports a voice for ALL the marginalized/ vulnerable people in our society. Of course, the unborn, but also immigrants, refugees, elderly, people with disabilities, etc.

    Here are the details:
    Sunday, January 15, 2017
    2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
    Location: Federal Plaza, 50 W. Adams St., Chicago, IL

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