When a Pen Explodes in the Dryer

A few weeks ago Chris sent me a text message:

“Look what exploded in the dryer.”

Apparently a ballpoint pen and a bag of slime took a spin through the washing machine and then the dryer. Mercifully, the bag of slime remained intact, but the blue pen didn’t survive the dryer. It exploded!

Ugh. How was I supposed to clean up such a mess?!

I briefly contemplated buying a new dryer. Too expensive. I tried cleaning with dish soap and water. Nothing. I tried just scrubbing really hard with a cloth. Nothing. Under our kitchen sink I found a tube of something called Goop that Chris had once bought to clean up paint. The bottle said it was safe for skin and clothes, so perhaps it was worth a shot with the dryer? I grabbed a rag and tested it out – sure enough, with a little elbow grease the paint started to clean up.

After about 20 minutes, the dryer was free of pen! I ran a load of rags in it just to wipe up any residue. Phew!

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