We Can’t Wait to Hold You!

Today was slushy and snowy and rainy.  After a busy week, I decided that today we’d stay inside.  I plan fun events every morning – children’s museum, swimming lessons, playdates, etc – so sometimes its nice to stay warm and snug at home.

The only issue with staying home is finding things to keep the kids busy and out of trouble.  I don’t like to turn on the TV unless its a dire situation, so when we’re home the kids and I will play with homemade play-dough or make homemade cookies or turn the sofa into a rocketship on its way to Mars.  Today, I thought it would be fun to make a simple craft Evie and Mack can give to the new baby when he or she arrives in just SIX WEEKS.

As I’ve written about before, I am not a particularly crafty person and the crafts we do are quite simple.  Today’s project was no exception.  I traced the kids pawprints and let them decorate the cut-outs.  We then applied their little hands to a piece of paper and wrote “We Can’t Wait to Hold You!”  Evie then scribed the words “BABY” and “EVIE” in her best preschool penmanship.  A piece of string looped through the top turned the finished product into a sign they can hang on their bedroom door.  Cute…simple…sweet.

And, I echo the sign’s sentiments – I can’t wait to hold my newest bundle!!

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  1. Mary says:

    That is such an awesome activity to engage older sister and brother, at their ages, while they anticipate the arrival of their new sibling!

  2. I love this – so sweet! Can’t believe baby is almost here! Enjoy your last few weeks as a family of four…

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