The Homemade Way to Clean the Shower

There are too many household cleaners available. Why do we need individual cleaners for the toilet, floors, countertops, sinks, and shower?? Shouldn’t we expect products to multi-task?! And, more importantly, shouldn’t we expect the products we use around our families to be safe?

As with most household chores, I rely on vinegar and a little elbow-grease to get the job done. A while back I wrote about a safe and effective way to clean the bathroom without using harsh chemicals or expensive products. I also take a homemade approach to cleaning the shower. While many shower cleaners require nothing more than a few sprays to get the job done, I have to wonder what kind of chemicals and artificial fragrances am I releasing into my home in the process. Sometimes the easiest route isn’t the best idea.

So, here’s my method for cleaning our shower:

We have glass shower doors, so I spray them with white vinegar to help break up any soapy residue. I then use regular dish soap (I like the lavender scented one from Trader Joe’s) and a good, old-fashioned scrub brush to clean the entire shower – tub, tile walls, doors and spouts. Finally, I rinse the entire shower with warm water. The job is completed in a timely manner without exposing my family to icky chemicals or spending too much money on a shower-specific cleaning product.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    This is very smart. I have the Seventh Generation multi-purpose cleaner, but your way is easier and even more environmentally friendly.

  2. Amber says:

    I am convinced you are a Goddess! We live just outside of Austin and have incredibly hard water. I have tried everything, except using vinegar, followed by a bit of dish soap. Wow, I don’t think my shower has ever looked so clean!

    • Maureen Smithe says:

      So happy to hear your shower is sparkling clean without any harsh chemicals!!!!!!

    • Mohini says:

      I’ve always heard that vigenar is good for shower doors. If all else fails go to Autozone (or somewhere similar) and get a cleaner designed to remove water spots for cars. You might be able to use an automotive polishing compund.

  3. Jamie says:

    I have mold in my shower . I’ve tried using natural products like Seventh Generation to get rid of the mold, but it doesn’t work. The only thing that will work is bleach. Do you know anything for this problem?

    • Maureen says:

      I’ve had trouble with this one – I’ve even resorted to bleach (gasp!), but the mold kept coming back. My husband removed the grout this weekend and replaced it with a fresh layer. I think this may be the only solution.

  4. Kaylee says:

    So I have been following your blog and using homemade cleaning supplies for nearly a year now. We recently moved and my landlord had left some commercial bathroom cleaner with bleach and I was low on cleaner so I decided to just use what he had left. Lets suffice to say that a few hours later I had a killer migrane from all those chemicals and it made me feel so yucky! I swore off commercial cleaners for good! I let me husband use his coveted Windex (inside I use my homemade cleaner on glass) to use on the car, but inside the house is my territory and we only use home made cleaners for bathrooms, floor cleaning, kitchen disinfecting, windows, EVERYTHING. Thank you for your blog! It has been a huge help to me!

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