The Great Toilet Paper Debate

How often do you think about your toilet paper? If you’re using a super deluxe, ultra soft, comfy quilted brand, you’re not thinking of it often enough!

According to GreenPeace and the Natural Resurces Defense Council (among other leading conservation groups) the soft, comfy, quilted toilet paper loved by so many Americans has a very dirty origin. In order to achieve maximum luxury, toilet paper manufacturers rely on extra-long wood fibers from old-growth trees found primarily in Canada and the U.S. These massive trees do a very nice job of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere — until they are cut down for the sole purpose of wiping the dainty rears of picky Americans.

This is the sort of thing that drives me crazy! Why on earth would we find it reasonable to remove the most glorious trees on earth just so some of us can have softer toilet paper?!?! It seems so obscenely indulgent and wasteful, and it demonstrates that we have absolutely no regard for the well-being of our planet. There has to come a point where we have to say “You know what, I don’t NEED to have triple quilted toilet paper if it means that forests must be mowed down in the process.” Your butt will not shrivel up and die if you switch to an eco-conscious brand of toilet paper, so if you’re cleaning your derriere with a tissue that is anything less than 100% recycled, time to make the ethical switch.

What does our household do? We rely on Trader Joe’s brand toilet paper. It comes from 100% recycled content and absolutely no chlorine bleach is used. And, unlike other eco-friendlier brands like Seventh Generation, the price of TJ’s is very reasonable and comprable to regular store brands.

And, it is perfectly soft, thank you very much.

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  1. Andrew S Wienick says:

    Phew! I thought you were going to advocate using a less impactful resource … like one's hand!


    <c'mon, I could totally imply that from 1.) the subject of the post and 2.) your past history of advocating things that weren't healthy and/or environmentally sound>

  2. Paige says:

    While I haven't tried TJ's TP, I can tell you that I take a ton of crap from everyone because I prefer the cheap-o Scott TP, no soft kind for me. THat stuff runs out too fast and it's seriously too soft for me. I guess it just makes me feel at home when I use a public restroom and their TP is just as harsh as mine.

  3. Josepha says:

    I am all for bidets.

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