Thanksgiving Craft Time

We are hosting Thanksgiving at our home in a couple days. We have never hosted a holiday before – our city home just isn’t big enough to accommodate our large extended family.  But, this year some of my sisters are with their in-laws, so the “smaller” crowd of eight adults and six kids can squeeze in here!

I have four kids. Therefore, I have absolutely no illusions or delusions of a Martha Stewart-esque affair. Yes, I will happily prepare a turkey and all the fixings, but I won’t stress myself out over small touches that are nice but not necessary.

Take the table setting, for example. Of course it would be nice to have a glamorous, seasonal display with flowers and an overflowing conucopia. But, that just isn’t feasible considering the limitations on my time, creativity and budget. So, I put the little people to work! We spent an afternoon last weekend crafting a centerpiece that will be special for all.

We went to Michael’s craft store and bought:

*Seven $0.99 glass candleholders

*Tissue paper in Thanksgiving colors of red, orange, yellow

*Modge Podge

*Small votive candles

I cut the tissue paper into squares and gave the kids each a paint brush. They dipped the brush into the Modge Podge and applied the tissue paper to the glass.

Once the papers dried, we dropped in votive candles. Voila!

The kids loved this project! It was totally appropriate for all ages.

The only downside? It was a bit of a mess.

But, thanks to my handy pastry scraper the dried Modge Podge came off the countertop in one swipe.

After we finished the candle holders, Evie offered to make seating cards for the guests.  I suggested she also include a note about why she is grateful for each person. She took this responsibility quite seriously – she even dressed for the task!

When Evie and I set the table on Thursday afternoon (and no sooner or else one of the kids will destroy it!), she will decide where to seat everyone. My little lady!

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