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Fun With Sidewalk Chalk + School Supply GIVEAWAY!!!

Last month I wrote a post about the ban against my children from using chalk on the sidewalk outside our condo building.  I found the whole thing to be ridiculous and so silly and beyond absurd.  Who could possibly take offense to occasional sidewalk chalk drawings on a public city sidewalk?! Rose Art, an awesome […]

Homemade Mothering on NBC 5

The other week I wrote about the ban against my kids using chalk on the (public!) sidewalk outside our building.  We live in the middle of a huge city, and I appreciate the fact that we all have to make concessions for each other.  Some people might not like looking at chalk drawings as they […]

When a Party Pooper Rained on our Chalk Parade

Living in the city, my kids don’t have access to some of the summertime activities their suburban peers enjoy.  We don’t have a backyard with a sprinkler or a neighborhood swimming pool or a corner lemonade stand.  However, we are steps to a beautiful beach and walking distance to several fun fountains and plenty of […]