Spreading Love with Homemade Valentine’s Cards

The “Blissard of 2011” has blown through town, leaving frigid temperatures and piles of snow in its wake.  Its too cold to go outside with little ones, and even if it was warmer the snow and slush and ice make the sidewalks impassable with a stroller.  So, we enjoyed (another) day inside.

To stave off cabin fever, I kept us busy with various activities.  Evie joyfully helped me make homemade waffles with blueberries for breakfast, and several loads of laundry kept Mack happy – he loves emptying the clean clothes out of the washer and making a mess of neatly folded clothes warm from the dryer.  With Valentine’s Day approaching, the three of us made homemade cards for dear family and little friends.  Some scrap paper, blank cards and a heart-shaped paper puncher combined to make our morning special.  While I’m certainly not the craftiest mama on the block, I think they turned out really cute.

For my small family, the simplest and easiest activities are usually the most enjoyable.  We didn’t need to venture out on this too-cold day to make memories and pass the time.  Everything we need is right here.  At home.

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