Snow Day + Homemade Advent Calendar

Normally, Chicagoans enjoy very fine autumn weather. It isn’t unusual for the kids to play in the sidewalk¬†sprinkler well into October. But, this year, winter came in early November and hasn’t left. Last Monday the kids even had a very unexpected snow day from school.

We were coming off a long week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I was completely out of ideas – and energy – for keeping the kids busy. The house was a mess and I really needed a day to catch up on life. I hate relying on screen time to fill the hours – it just feels so depressing and boring and not at all how a childhood should be lived. Evie and Mack spent their morning outside, but the little kids just weren’t interested in bundling¬†up. So, I let Ben bring some snow into the house for homemade snow cupcakes…a bit of a mess, but no worse than a spilled cup of water!

After lunch, we worked on homemade Advent calendars. I drew 24 squares on a piece of construction paper and had the kids draw little Christmas-y pictures in each one.

While they doodled, I cut 24 flaps out of a second sheet of paper. Because I used a ruler to sketch out both sets of squares, they perfectly overlapped when put together.

Once the kids were done drawing their little pictures, I had them frame their paper with glue stick.

And then we put the two pieces together and the kids numbered the flaps.

Now that Advent has begun, they can lift a flap every morning and feel a bit of Christmas cheer and pride in a creative job well done!

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