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I don’t watch a lot of movies.  My husband could watch one every night of the week, but we only have one TV so we have to compromise on just about everything we watch.  When I do watch a movie I usually like something light-hearted that won’t stress me out or scare me.  And, sometimes I just want to learn something new and interesting. When I see a movie I actually really like, I am happy to recommend it to my friends…

…so, here are a few movies I wish everyone would watch:

Food, Inc.

I really believe Food Inc should be required viewing for any human being who eats food.  Without being overly preachy or graphic, it very succinctly outlines why we should all be mindful of where our food comes from. My homemade family made permanent changes to our diet and shopping habits because of this movie, and I know we are healthier and happier because of it!









This documentary is so sweet and so simple and so beautiful.  The four of us watched it when Mack was 5 months old and Evie had just turned 2…and ALL four of us were completely mesmerized even though there is no dialogue and no real story line.  The film follows four babies in four very different parts of the world during their first year of life.  To watch mothers tenderly care for their little ones in such different environments is truly eye opening, especially for someone living in first-world comfort.  But, the film beautifully conveys a very important message: it doesn’t matter what we do or do not have – all parents just want what is best for their babies.







Every time I watch this movie with the kids I can’t help but cry.  With minimal dialogue and gorgeous music, the film follows the story of a hard-working robot left on an uninhabitable planet earth.  But, it is more than just a silly sci-fi cartoon.  It really tells the story of why our beautiful planet is so special and important and perfect for us.  And, it compels the viewer to make changes to keep Earth a safe and healthy home.







Love Actually

This movie has a special place in my heart: I first saw it when my husband was deployed in Iraq, and when I told him how much I loved it he tracked down a black-market copy for me on the streets of Fallujah and shipped it home in time for Christmas. I’ve since replaced that illegal version with a proper one, and I watch it every year.  But, as entertaining as the overlapping story lines might be, the scene that always chokes me up is the very last one when we witness thousands of families and couples reuniting at an airport.  It is such a sweet reminder that, at our core, most people are truly good and most people just want to be with the ones we love. Its a simple message, but an important one.






I don’t normally wade into the murky waters of economics and politics on this site, but this movie really should be required viewing for all Americans.  It very clearly explains the financial mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, but it also explains how we can dig ourselves out.  It turned a potentially boring and confusing subject into an entertaining, informative and insightful film.







What movies do you recommend?

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  1. Hope says:

    Totally agree re: Food, Inc. It made me cry. And more importantly, it made me make changes.

  2. Colleen says:

    These reviews are perfect – short, opinionated and tell me just enough so that I want to see (or re-watch) these movies!

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