All You SEED is Love

We’re cruising through winter. Well, limping through winter. Although my family has avoided the nasty flu going around, we’ve had more than our fair share of stomach bugs and runny noses. I’ve always said that I wished Christmas came later in winter just to give us something to think about and look forward to during these grey and dreary months.

Enter: Valentine’s Day.

Just when we’ve had it up to HERE with cold and snow we get a warm and lovely holiday to divert our attention. How nice!

Tonight the kids and I started on homemade Valentines to share with their classes next week. I thought it would be cute to spread some cheer with wildflower seeds. I made a quick label in PowerPoint and ordered the rest of the supplies online. The kids wrote their names on the labels, cut them out, and glued to the front of a small hand-stitched paper envelope. They poured in a small scoop of seeds and taped the envelope shut. It turned out to be a project all the kids could easily manage with varying amounts of help from me. Such a nice way to spend (another) cold night in Chicago.

The tools:

Cute sewn paper envelopes:

30,000 non-GMO wildflower seeds:

Glue sticks – I buy in bulk because with six kids there’s a lot of art happening in this house:

Little kid scissors – these ones accommodate¬†Ben’s chubby post-toddler fingers and Evie’s slender pre-teen fingers:


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