The Three R’s at Home

My husband works a lot. Like, a LOT.  Several nights a week he isn’t home until 10, and up until last week he had to work every Saturday which meant we only had one day a week to spend together as a family.  When he left the corporate world to start his own business three years ago we knew it would require some sacrifice, and a lot of what I write about here is born from our family’s need to make every dollar and moment count.

Even though he works hard most days of the week, when Chris is home he is usually very present and active with the kids and me.  Lately one of his favorite activities to do with Evie is “school work.”  We’ve got a small collection of preschool workbooks and flashcards, and the two of them will spend 20 minutes or so practicing math and writing.  Hopefully when she starts at her new school later this month she’ll dive right in!

I recently got a set of dry erase workbooks and writing activities from Leap Frog.  I’m especially excited about these because they can be constantly reused.  The pages in the paper workbooks we have can only be used once, but Evie practices a skill multiple times with the Leap Frog books.  I’m a fan of any product that reduces trash and clutter, so these Leap Frog items are awesome!

I received a dry erase board from RoseArt a couple weeks ago, and Evie and I use it to practice math problems every afternoon.  There’s no paper mess, and Evie has fun erasing the problems when she answers them correctly. So much fun watching my big girl grow up!


Both Chris and I were good students, and I hope our kids recognize that a good education is a ticket to a wonderful life.  I want my kids to excel at school and have fun in the process.


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  1. danielle sell says:

    What a great idea! I recently realized that these dry erase boards can be used to display magnetic items as well. Instead of having a magnet collection or kids drawings collect dust on the refrigerator (or sit in a cabinet because you have stainless steel appliances), they sell large cork-board framed ones at stores like Michael’s or Joanne Fabric that you can hang on the wall like a picture.

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