“Red Car!!!!!”

I hate to generalize, but sometimes the differences between my boy and my girl are so stark.  They are both welcome to play with any toy, but it seems like Evie really does gravitate to girly toys and Mack can’t get enough of the typical boy stuff.

Case in point: Mack’s current obsession with red cars.  He has a considerable collection of them (all from a turnstile at Walgreens!), but his absolute favorite is an old Chevy.  He gives them voices and personalities and lives all their own.  While Evie contentedly plays with her collection of My Little Pony/Hello Kitty/Disney Princess, Mack is quite content to race his cars around any surface.

Any given assortment of the red cars come with us everywhere.  He loves pushing them through the sand at the local park…

…and the other day we used chalk to draw a little street for the cars to drive on.

He sneaks them everywhere, including into candid photos of his baby sister:

The cars also dine with us.  Mack can’t settle down until at least two are happily settled on his high chair tray.  After he’s is done with his meal, he shares bites with the cars.  He stuffs them with his leftovers, so more than once they’ve all taken a spin through the dishwasher.

The red Chevy was recently left behind at my parents’ house.  My mom found it looking forlorn and rather sad – much like the little boy who had forgotten it.  So, she made a video to cheer Mack up until he could be reunited with his beloved toy.  Here’s the video – I can’t help but laugh every time we watch it!  Red Car Video

Tonight I tucked him into bed, and of course a few red cars were with him.  He is my little boy for only a little while, and even though his energy and tenacity overwhelm me at times, I want to appreciate every moment.  I just love him!

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  1. Jackie Leyba says:

    He sounds like my son!!! Except he loves ALL cars and monster trucks!!! He has sound effects, knows the names & drivers of all the monster trucks he has, etc. He knows which cars are missing. He has to take them to bed with him, but we only allow 3. Our boys are ALL boy!!! I love him to death!!!

  2. I love listening to little boys play trucks , isnt it amazing how they just naturally seem to know how to make the car sounds or trucks . My son hates it but I gave his little boy a boy doll when he wanted one and he is so sweet with it and wraps it up like a good daddy should I think it is ok but some are so against it

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