Reason #14 Why I’m Happy to Use Cloth Diapers on My Baby

Ever since Evie was born nearly 7 years ago we have been a cloth diapering family. While I suppose cloth diapering might require a modicum of extra work (two loads of laundry a week, that’s it), it has never been a decision that we’ve regretted or lamented.

Perhaps one of the best lessons cloth diapering as taught us is resourcefulness. With cloth diapers, we are never “out” of diapers – there are no late-night runs to the store for diapers or need to stock up on hundreds at a time. Cloth diapering has shown me that – in a pinch – anything can be used as a diaper.

I’ll never forget when Evie was about four months old we took her to a fancy party at a fancy restaurant. When it was time for her diaper change, I realized that I had forgotten to replenish the diaper bag with clean diapers! Instead of freaking out and sending Chris to the store in a panic, I improvised. A nice cloth napkin from the restaurant folded and twisted in just the right way worked just fine. My sister Colleen, who was 5 years away from having a baby of her own to cloth diaper, thought the whole ordeal was comical and fascinating so she took pictures! (And, no, I didn’t return the napkin!)

Right now, 10 month old Ben’s diapers are finishing up in the dryer. Rather than reaching for a disposable, I just tied his footie pajamas around his adorable bum. He’s been crawling and climbing and smiling all over the living room, none the wiser!

Interested in getting started with cloth diapers? Check out my Cloth Diapering Manifesto here

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