Last Monday we flew home from a whirlwind weekend visiting Chris’s family. The flight out there was great – even though I flew alone with all four kids (Chris had work in New York that brought him out east a day earlier). So, I was glad to have Chris with me on the return trip back to Chicago.

Long, long ago I gave up any hope of relaxing/reading/napping on an airplane. Any mother with half a brain knows that kids require 100% of her attention when flying. Kids are confined to a tiny space, surrounded by strangers and strange smells, and they are probably tired and missing a nap or two. In the air, it is my job to keep them comfortable and out of the way of their fellow passengers.

On the flight back to Chicago, Chris took Mack and Vivian while I managed Evie and Ben. To keep Evie engaged, she and I traded a note book back and forth. I would write a series of random questions, pass it to her, and she would write in her answers. It was such a fun way to learn more about her (she likes shopping at Target, not NOT at Jewel, our local grocery store…she prefers frozen yogurt to “regular yogurt”…art is her favorite subject at school…). She seemed so happy to share all these random facts!

With four kids, I need to carve out special time with each one whenever possible. Sometimes, with needy Ben and squealing Vivian and precocious Mack, Evie doesn’t get the attention from me that I know she needs and deserves. So, I was especially grateful for last week’s flight.  At 30,000 feet above the earth, Evie and I shared a much needed quiet connection.

I feel so honored to know her.

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  1. Great Grandma Smithe says:

    Your insights inspire me Maureen. Save a few of those sweet notes for Evie… They will give her a glimpse of herself at six when she is 16 :>). She will love that Im sure..
    Opps ~ I just realized that of course she will have your wonderful Blog to tell her this and so much more about her mom,dad and the LIFE of her family. :>)

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