Peskiest Post Pregnancy Problem


It happens every time. So I shouldn’t be surprised.

But, still. My hair.

Three or four months after I have a baby, my hair falls out. In clumps. It is gross and so annoying.

But, three or four months after that, the hair starts to regrow. Yay, right?

Not quite.

Because it grows back stick straight outta my head, and I am left with this odd crown of fuzz. ┬áIt cannot be managed or properly styled. A day or two after washing it looks extra whispy and kinda curly. It looks like I just don’t give a damn.

I have been to several hairdressers over the years, and all of them adorably offer suggestions that sound promising but never pan out.

Just blow dry your hair this special way!

Get the little hairs a little wet and then comb them down.

Use this obscenely expensive and chemical laden product to keep the little hairs in place.

So, after four babies here is my advice: deal with it. There is no way to make these pesky little hairs lay flat. I will have bad hair for the 18 months after the birth of every baby.

But, I’ll have a baby. And that makes all the bad hairdays quite alright.

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