My Own Little Patch of Green in the Big City

I love living in a big city.  We never suffer a shortage of things to do, I walk e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e., we have plenty of friends nearby and just about anything we could possibly need is with a few blocks of our home.  City living offers so much.

But, I often lament my lack of private green space.  Oh, how I would love to share a beer on a balcony with my husband or let the kids run around a back yard!  Given even a tiny strip of land, I would surely grow a few vegetables and herbs.

This summer I am determined to enjoy a few fruits of my labor.  Even though we live in a downtown Chicago apartment, I decided to take advantage of our large east-facing windows and start a little garden.  So, we took a family trip to a local nursery to pick up a small window box and a few potted herbs.

The rosemary already smells divine, and will be lovely when rubbed on a whole roasted chicken from our co-op.  It is also quite easy to dry, so should I find myself with a surplus I can make it last well into the gray months.

Basil is perhaps my most favorite herb.  I love the bright scent and plump leaves.  Homemade pesto is such a simple treat, too.  I like to top baked salmon with pesto for a simple supper.

The chives are so soft and pretty, kind of like a wild grass.  They will taste lovely snipped over sesame noodles or baked in an elegant frittata.

Since I’m having some success with my first round of indoor herb gardening, I am going to plant a few more this weekend.  I’d love to grow a double batch of mint so my husband can mix up a few mojitos for me this summer!

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  1. Amber says:

    We are lucky to have a yard and a couple of box gardens. I also love fresh herbs. There is just something about them. I even use them as “flowers”. If you have a door that gets enough sunlight, I have seen people use the vertical shoe holders for small plants too.

  2. Meg says:

    Have you ever grown lettuce indoors? I’d love to do that in my apartment but I’m not sure how much attention the plants require.


    • Maureen Smithe says:

      I haven’t done lettuce, but I would guess it would be ok as long as there was a decent amount of sunlight. I think I’ll try some lettuce in the next window box I put together this weekend 🙂

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