Packing Up

My due date is fast, fast approaching.  I am at the point in my pregnancy where the unknown is a little bit daunting.  I could have the baby tomorrow…or nearly a month from tomorrow.  Only Mother Nature knows!

To put my mind at ease, I decided to pack up my hospital bag tonight.  I have delivered three babies already, so I have a pretty good idea of what to bring along.  Less is more. Comfort is key.

*New nursing pajamas from Seraphine Maternity.  This two-piece lounge pajama set is made from supremely soft bamboo fabric.  I think during the tough times of labor I will envision putting these pajamas on once the baby is born and I’m cleaned up.  What nice motivation for me!

*Toiletries.  The first shower after giving birth feels so good.  Even though the hospital provides travel-size toiletries, I feel sooooo much better if I use the products my body is used to.

*A comfortable and forgiving outfit for the day we head home.  A soft nursing dress from Milk Nursingwear, a simple cardigan and black leggings.

*And, perhaps most importantly, little outfits for the little man. Awwwwwww! This is becoming real now!

As soon as I pulled the tiny onesies out of the drawer, Evie sneaked down from her bed.  She smiled wide when she realized what I was doing, and she asked how she could help.  She folded the little outfits for her little brother.  He sure is lucky to be born into a family with Evie as a big sister!

My parents are kindly waiting on-call to take Evie, Mack and Vivian at a moment’s notice.  Of course I had to pack up a bag for them, too!  A few days worth of warm clothes and cozy pajamas. Evie asked to pack a few toys, too.

Both bags are now packed and just waiting.  Waiting for the birth of a little man we can’t wait to meet!

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  1. Dana Merk says:

    Sending you happy thoughts for a quick and smooth delivery. I’m working the next three days 🙂 Come on in, let’s have a birthday party for old times sake 🙂

    • Maureen says:

      Dana, I am so sad we missed you!! We were in on Monday night. I asked the other nurses about you, and they said you were working the day shift. They mentioned that you welcomed a little boy to your family – how wonderful!!! You are no doubt an unbelievable mother.

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