Oven S’mores

Ugh. Winter. We are now halfway through February and officially OVER the cold and ice and dreary skies. Dainty snowflakes fluttering from the sky are no longer charming, even to seasoned Chicagoans like us.

With all of us stuck in the house, I desperately (frantically?) look for any opportunity to make a memory, pass the time, do something. Anything, really! My sister Meghan gave us the idea of making s’mores in the oven, and it was a stroke of brilliance! This little activity took up a solid 15 minutes of a grey afternoon during last month’s Polar Vortex. With no fighting or fidgeting because each kid was in charge of his or her own s’more. The kids even got creative and asked for sprinkles and made marshmallow patterns.

So, here you go: an indoor winter activity to keep kids busy and happy. You are welcome!

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