Nourishing for Nine Months

I have somewhat of a confession to make: I don’t take prenatal vitamins.

Vitamins make me feel extra nauseous during my first trimester, but the real reason I skip them is because I don’t think I need to rely on a factory to provide what Mother Nature already offers. Sure, it takes a little extra effort to make sure I’m getting the proper nutrients from real foods every day, but in the long run it is a better choice for me.  My doctor is aware, and she supports me completely.  (I do take a folic acid supplement, a choice I feel good about considering the Spina Bifida scare we had with Vivian).

When Chicago’s Juice Rx recently asked me if I would be interested in trying out a juice cleanse, I had to politely decline.  As a mama-to-be, I need to consume plentiful calories from whole foods, and juices without the natural fiber just won’t work.  But, the option of supplementing my diet with a few delicious juices seemed reasonable, especially considering that with only 14 days to go until my due date I don’t have much room for food in my stomach. Sure enough, the organic juices Juice Rx delivered to my front door are amazing.  Freshly squeezed and full of flavor, there is no doubt that the folks at Juice Rx pick only the freshest ingredients.

For lunch yesterday I could only finish half a sandwich, but thanks to the Lunchtime Detox I added vitamins and nutrients from beets, cucumber and fresh ginger to my meal.  And, when I was craving a little pick-me-up this afternoon, the Strawberries & Cream Cashew Milk really satisfied my sweet tooth without empty calories.  As I’ve written about before, potassium helps alleviate pregnancy leg cramps, so the Thai Young Coconut Water is a perfect choice for me as coconut water has more potassium than four bananas.

My past three labors and deliveries have been extremely long and exhausting, so I can only assume the fourth will be the same (sigh).  However, I know my body is well nourished and ready for the challenge thanks to the real food nutrition I have made a part of my pregnancy for the past 38 weeks.

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