A Nice Summer Night

Today was hot. And humid. And it is the tail end of summer so I am fresh outta ideas to keep the kids busy. After a dreadful trip to the park in the morning, I was in no mood to entertain the kids all afternoon. I was short with them. When Chris called at 4:30 to tell me he was going out with the guys for the night, I was on the verge of feeling quite sorry for myself. I knew it was time for me to change my attitude, so I packed the kids into the car, picked up a pizza, and drove to one of my favorite nearby spots along Lake Michigan. Mother Nature always brightens my spirit and freshens my mood. She is so good!

We carried the pizza to the lakefront for a picnic on the rocks. Seagulls quickly realized that Mack was eager to share bites of pizza, so we had a chorus to entertain us while we dined!

After dinner we wandered to the adjacent field. I wanted the kids to run wild and long and free, and that is just what they did. A wide expanse of grass always calls to them!

The late summer sun warmed our faces. I noticed that all the kids have the same constellation of freckles across their noses and cheeks. A sure sign of a summer well lived!

The dry August grass felt prickly when we first sat down, but it softened soon enough and we laughed and rolled around til the sun set behind the skyscrapers along Lake Shore Drive.

Mack tried handstands…

…while Ben perfected his downward dog…

…and Evie reached for the tallest branch…

…as Vivian goofed around with me – such a little jokester!

They all wanted to be tickled, and they playfully fought for the spot on my lap. At one point all four of them were tumbling over me, and I couldn’t help but smile. Here I was, sitting in a city park steps away from the lake, with my four precious little miracles eager for my attention. I am so lucky.

If you ask Mack, the best part of the night was the drone we spotted on the other side of the field. He’s a chatty lad, so he high-tailed it over to the drone’s pilot to ask what I can only assume was a million questions. I could tell that the young guy behind the controls was super nice, as he bent down and explained how the aircraft operates.

One of the best parts of living in this big city is the incredible park space. Tonight we had acres of grass and nearly a mile of shoreline practically to ourselves. It is here whenever we need it, and we don’t have to mow the lawn!

I am so glad I saved this day. After a morning and afternoon wasted with bad moods, we enjoyed hours of peace and happiness outdoors this evening. As we drove home I thanked the kids for sharing this memory with me. It is a night I will forever remember.

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  1. Hannah says:

    What a marvelous way to redeem the day!

  2. Emily says:

    I’m so impressed that you were able to salvage what was once a crappy day! Also – thank you for admitting that you too have dreadful trips to the park. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only mom who has days where the park (namely the walk home when my 2 yo refuses to sit in the stroller) is a nightmare outing. At what age do you think it gets “easier?” I have 2 year old twins and I don’t think I’m there yet 😉

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