National Day of Kindness

Monday, November 2.

The day before the election.

Like Americans on all points along the political spectrum, I cannot wait for tomorrow. I just want to know what is going to happen. I just want it over.

Last week I took Ben and the twins to vote at the local elementary school. The election has been a topic of daily conversation at our house for the past four years, so they were pretty excited to see the process unfold. We clicked through the ballot together and once we finished I let them carry the finished product to the ballot counter. These little patriots did their duty!

After years of divisiveness and nastiness, I am ready to EMERGE. I want to fly far, far away from the constant name-calling and snide-remarking and one-upping. I want to make America great, but in a thoughtful and open-hearted way. The way a mother cuddles her sick baby at night. The way a best friend holds a dark secret close. The way a panther prowls through the deep jungle. We can be strong. But we can also be kind.

Therefore, I propose we make the day after the election National Day of Kindness. No matter who wins, we can all spread a little cheer. On Wednesday, buy coffee for the person in line behind you. Fill a few trash bags at the neighborhood park. Make dinner for a neighbor. Call your mother! How quickly 330 million small acts could add up.

We can’t count on politicians to do much of anything, but we should count on each other to be compassionate, kind and neighborly. If your candidate loses I challenge YOU to perform two (maybe three!) random acts of kindness as soon as the news is official. Show the world that you won’t hold a grudge. Show the world that YOU will make America great.

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