Naptime in Jamaica

During our recent trip to Jamaica, we had one very rainy day.  The big kids were thrilled to sneak in an afternoon movie while the rain poured, but little Vivian was tired. She hadn’t taken a decent nap since we arrived; it can be hard for toddlers to get comfortable in an unfamiliar bed, especially when the rest of the family is up and out.  So, I brought her into the big bed with me, scratched her back, and snuggled her until she dozed off.

It was such a treat. For me.

In the normal busyness of our everyday life here in Chicago, I simply don’t have the time to watch my baby girl sleep. Her siblings need to be tended to, work on my computer needs to be completed, dinner prep can’t wait, the toilets must be scrubbed.  So much around the house is accomplished during her daily 2+ hour nap.  But, on vacation nothing else needed my attention.  I could lightly brush the hair off her face and admire her ruby lips and notice the length of her eyelashes.  How her hair curled in the humidity. Her occasional deep breaths.

My little girl…

Even though we were in the normally sunny tropics, I am grateful for that rainstorm. Someday much too soon, Vivian will be big like her siblings and she won’t need a nap anymore.  And when that someday comes, I will remember our rainy afternoon together and know that it was time well spent.

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  1. So glad you were able to get away and enjoy some quality time with your family. Snuggles from our little ones are awesome and the time does go by to fast. I used to be so picky on making sure my house was so clean. Now, I’d rather curl up with my sweet little ones and read or nap with them. Hope you find time to have another nap with her soon! 🙂

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