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Sometimes being a mom can be lonely. While I am perfectly content to be home with my little ones, sometimes I miss the camaraderie that comes along with a group of people working towards a shared goal. Fortunately, I have wonderful “co-workers” who are always available for toddler crisis-intervention, comedic relief and a shoulder to lean on. My mom friends encourage me to be a better mother and person, and I hope I do the same for them.

Before you think that I spend my days idly chatting with the girls while eating bon-bons and watching soap operas, let me remind you that 99.9% of our daily conversations and activities revolve around our kids. We are working together to raise thoughtful, well-mannered, well-fed, social human beings. Its been said that it takes a village to raise a child, but for me its the city of Chicago!

What can we be doing better? How to calm a frantic toddler? What food is safe for a six month old? Where are the best *free* activities in the city for kids? Without my co-workers, answers to these questions would be a lot less personal.

My sister Caitie offers comedic insight into raising a boy. She has generously shared so many hand-me-down boy clothes that I have yet to go shopping for little Mack! My sister Meghan gracefully proves that life is truly a great balancing act.

Laura and Michele are married to my husband’s best friends, so the three of us always have something funny to talk about. There are five little ones among the three of us, so when we’re all together its pure chaos. But, I take comfort in knowing that they don’t care if Evie is in a crabby mood or Mack needs to eat RIGHT NOW.

My busy Chicago neighborhood is full of amazing moms. Kerri encourages my entrepreneurial spirit with her hairbow business, while Laura and Eugenia make me want to solidify my Spanish-speaking skills. Kristina wows me with her ability to manage twin toddlers.

I’ve been in a playgroup with Julie, Ashley, Heidi, Rachel, Kathy and Maggie since Evie was six months old. Its been so much fun to watch all our babies grow into curious toddlers!

To the hardest working moms in the business, I say “thank you!!!”

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  1. Amy Badler says:

    Wow! How lucky you are! I too feel lonely at times and don't have nearly the support group you have. =) I have met a few moms here and there, but none that I meet up with on even a semi-regular basis. Just makes me think yet again how nice it would be if we were all still living 10 minutes away from one another…

  2. Paige says:

    Funny, I just posted about moms and happiness and then found you posting about mom stuff too. It's totally true that it can be lonely. Once Evie is a little older she will keep you company (I am sure she already does, but it just keeps getting better). I have a great group of people here, but I still get lonely for you guys and for my family. And everyone has such different schedules. That's why I love the computer. Even though you're a long ways away I can still say hello when it works for me. I'm always here.

  3. Berk&MagPlusOne says:

    We love you too Maureen!!! Miss you!!! Let me know what Friday afternoons are you avail! Would love to pop in or play at the park!

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