My Boys

Mack had spring break last week. He goes to a different school than his siblings, so selfishly I really enjoyed having him home without the normal distractions.

One morning after picking Ben up from preschool I took the boys for hair cuts. They complained the entire walk to the salon (“I don’t want the little hairs stuck on my back!!!”), but as soon as we arrived they jumped in the chairs with smiles on their faces. Normally Chris cuts their hair (a skill he mastered while in the Army) so a salon trim is actually a treat for them.

As they sat in their booster seats admiring their handsome faces in the mirrors, I couldn’t help by smile. My boys. My big boys! How they are growing and changing!

I feel truly lucky to have boys and girls. The four girls and I obviously have a special connection that comes from all being girls, but being a boy mom comes with a fair share of benefits, too. They are my buddies.

  1. My boys are funny, Something about the way they see the world and attack it makes me laugh. And drives me cRaZy.
  2. My boys teach me a lot about what I thought I knew. Unfortunately, society tells us that boys and men should be rough and tough, but in reality they are little smooshballs of love who need cuddles and snuggles, too. I want my boys to know they can feel and feel loudly. Their feelings matter.
  3. My boys have so much energy. The world today makes it hard for boys to live out their energy – video games are so alluring, especially when the world tells us that the outside is dangerous. As an aspiring free-range parent, I feel grateful my boys live in a city with ample park space and things to do!
  4. My boys quickly forgive and forget. I love their willingness to move on and have fun. It is a reminder I need regularly.
  5. My boys are just like their dad. All three are so tenacious and funny and smart. My boys are still learning how to be good men who will take care of their families and be good citizens, and I need to practice patience while they learn these skills.
  6. My boys make me smile. And cringe. And laugh. And cry. And I’m grateful for all of it.

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