A Little Moment in Time

As a parent, I am all too aware of the passing of time.  How quickly my oldest daughter became 4! My 2 year old son suddenly grew into a little man!  Four month-old Vivian already has a peaceful and joyful personality that seems to radiate from her body.  Before kids, a year felt like a really, really long time.  Now, a year passes in an instant and I am often left pondering, “Where has the time gone?”

With three kids, the challenge of tricking time becomes even trickier.  Some days I am so focused on just getting through the day that I don’t give myself the time to slow down and appreciate a quiet, simple moment.  But, just now I managed to carve out 30 minutes of quiet time with my baby girl.  Shortly after I put Vivian down for her afternoon nap she started to fuss a bit.  While Chris kept Evie and Mack busy downstairs I sneaked upstairs to nurse her back to sleep.  I sat with her on our big bed and after a few little sips she fell back asleep.  But, despite a long “to-do” list I thought it would be best for me to snuggle with my little girl.  She looked so warm and content and grateful.

I want to remember this afternoon.  Forever.  Many years from now when my babies have babies of their own, I’d like to daydream about snuggling with my Vivian. When that time comes, will I long for these crazy, hectic, exhausting years? Or will I reflect upon my time as a young mother fondly, but grateful its in the past?

Windows are open. Its in the low 70s and sunny.  Constant breeze flutters the blinds.  Leaves in the trees are rustling, shushing fall and begging summer to stick around a bit longer.

City sounds keep me company. The occasional helicopter chatters above. An ice cream truck a block over. Neighborhood kids riding Little Tikes toys in the courtyard.  Evie and Mack downstairs running the length of the house. They aren’t fighting so much anymore. Its nice that they have fun together.

For the first time in months, its not stifling hot. The sheets on the bed are cool.  The air smells clean and fresh. I gaze out the window. Perfectly blue sky.

Every now and then Vivian takes a deep baby breath. She curls in a little tighter. I adjust the hospital blanket to make sure her toes are covered. Her precious and so-tiny baby toes.  They are growing.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Every time I look at my son, I wonder where the past 2 years have gone. I think about the days when I’m impatient and just want the day to be done, and I’m sad that I felt that way. I wish that I could slow this time down, and savor each moment.

  2. julie badal says:

    Beautiful piece. You’re doing such a great job being present as a mother, Maureen. Not easy. And Vivian seems like such a treasure.

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