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I am on a constant crusade to cut back on the amount of garbage my family produces. We do a very good job of recycling everything we can, but its important to remember that recycling isn’t a perfect solution. While it is great to avoid sending more trash to the landfill, recycling requires a considerably amount of energy. Its far better not to consume in the first place!

With all that said, I am determined to find creative ways to run my household effectively and thoughtfully. I found a great product called the Misto Olive Oil Sprayer. With the Misto, I no longer have to purchase cooking spray for use when baking cookies or sauteeing vegetable.

A can of Pam Cooking Spray costs $4.49, but the Misto cost only $9.99 (and I had a coupon so it cost me $7.50). I bought two – one for olive oil and one for vegetable oil. The Misto is easy to use – fill it 1/3 up with oil, pump 10 times, and spray onto the pan. Now that I use the Misto I understand just how little oil actually comes in a can of Pam, making the Misto an even better value. Its a great way to further reduce the waste we send to the landfill and save a few bucks!

You can purchase your Misto here.

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  1. olive oil says:

    I’m pretty pleased with the Misto Olive Oil Mister I purchased last year. It uses less oil which has to be more healthy and it will save dollars too.

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