The Maureen Special

So much of what I write about revolves around my kids and what we do to keep them happy, busy and healthy.  I take the business of raising my kids quite seriously, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to get out and have a good time without the little rugrats every now and then.

The night before Thanksgiving, my super cool uncles invited us to a super cool party at their super cool loft in the city. A slew of friends and family were there, and we all gathered to just have a good time. A fun way to kick off what is always a busy holiday season.

Mark & Will had a bar tender mixing drinks (yessss!), and when I asked her what her specialty was she took one look at me and said “Hold on…I’ll make something special just for you.” Sure enough, the concoction she poured was TOTALLY my kind of drink. Not too sweet and not too alcohol-y. Juuuuust right. She was so kind to share the recipe for her impromptu masterpiece. It will be my drink of the winter!

The Maureen Special

1 oz vodka (I always choose Tito’s)

1.5 oz lime Lacroix

Splash of Rose Lime juice

Splash of ginger ale

Squeeze of fresh lime juice

Pour into a glass with ice in the order listed above. Stir. Serve. Sip. Repeat!

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