Life is Happening

My 11-year-old daughter recently pointed out that I haven’t written on Homemade Mothering much lately. She loves reading posts on this site – especially ones from when she was little. It really is our family’s record book. But, lately, life has just been so BUSY. So full. Which, I am absolutely grateful for because we are all so active and able. But, with all this activity comes a sense of just barely hanging on – like, I can only take life one day at a time because when I start to look at the calendar I get panic attacks over how on earth am I going to get all of this done?!

But, I miss writing here because I miss the quiet time I need in order to do it. When Elinor creeped into our bed this morning at 5 o’clock something I saw it as an opportunity to have some quiet time ALONE. Some quiet time to write.

So, here’s a few things that have been keeping us busy (aside from work and Chris in law school).

Family trip to Europe in August:

Rainy day in London.
Biking in the Netherlands.
Checking out Chris’s grandmother’s hometown of Liege, Belgium.

Trip to Nashville with my sisters and Dad:

Live music and drinks on Broadway.
Brunch at Milk & Honey.

First days of school!

Evie (6th) and Vivian (2nd)
Mack (4th) and Ben (kindergarten)
Elinor and Juliet headed to (pre) preschool

Ice cream at the zoo with my grandparents:

Lots of baseball and softball:

Camping with my big girls:

Evie’s volleyball games:

Swim lessons for the twins and Ben:

Trip to our beloved Motherland (Notre Dame) for a weekend of fun with best friends:


Mother-Daughter spa night:

Fall Fest at the Lincoln Park Zoo:

Halloween fun:

Snow! Lots of it! Cold! Lots of it! On Halloween in Chicago.

City family dinner at a neighborhood diner:

We exercised our freedom of speech at a Trump protest:

Sleepover with the big girl cousins:

Life is happening. Every day. And I’m so grateful for all of it.

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