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Like most families in the year 2017, screen usage is an unavoidable fact of our life. But, it also happens to be one of the greatest stresses in the day-to-day life of our family. Chris and I carefully monitor screen time, but the kids never think they have enough. I hate the battle.

Chris and I both work a lot from home, so we don’t always set the greatest example for screen time restraint. But, the kids see that computers allow us to support the family and help make life easier. We all know that computers will be an integral part of their future success, regardless of what path in life they take, but according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be more than one million unfilled tech jobs by 2020. A STEAM (science, technology, engineering, and typically either art and mathematics) education is crucial for preparing the next generation for success in our technologically-advanced world.

I was THRILLED when a new coding lab opened up in the neighborhood. Codeverse makes computer coding fun for kids. The lab is so colorful and interactive, and the adaptive learning curriculum means that Evie and Mack move along at a comfortable pace. This immersive and personalized experience encourages them to take risks while learning.

Evie and Mack LOVE Codeverse! And I LOVE sending them there! And Chris, who does a lot of coding for his business, LOVES having this totally awesome thing in common with them now.

Codeverse has been a total win-win-win for our family!

The best thing about Codeverse, according to Evie and Mack, is that it is a special place for kids only. Parents aren’t allowed in the coding lounge (but we can watch through the windows), so kids feel comfortable to experiment and make mistakes. Plus, they feel soooo cool knowing how to give a computer instructions…and then seeing the results. Mack’s favorite code to write involves turning the lights on and off throughout the lounge.

Codeverse is still a young business, so they offer a free class for first timers (that’s how we got hooked). Here’s how you can sign up your little STEAMers:

As for me, I can’t wait til Codeverse offers adult classes! Ha!


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