International Walk to School Day

Tomorrow is a big day for the planet.  It is Walk to School day, when kids all over the country will skip the car and opt to walk to school instead.  I love this idea so much.  Walking to school not only helps the planet, but its a wonderful way to slow down and enjoy life with our little ones.

We are very lucky.  We live just a few blocks from Evie’s school, so every day is a Walk to School Day for us. Mack insists on coming along in his pajamas, and Vivian seems to enjoy the crisp start to the day.  Evie often enjoys her breakfast of fruit or a smoothie while we walk.  No traffic jams or fussing with car seats – we just slip on our shoes and hold hands.  Walking to school is a simple and quiet way to start the day, and I love it.

If school is a manageable distance along a safe route, I ask that you consider walking to school tomorrow.  Get up a little early, brew a cup of tea to take along and enjoy the fresh fall air with your kids.  Life is short – slow down a little!

Want more info?  Check out the day’s official site at

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