My Imaginary Cafe

I love my life just as it is.  My husband is wonderful and encouraging, my kids make me laugh and I find purpose in every day.  But, sometimes I daydream about what my life would be like if I chose a completely different path.  What would I be doing now if I took off for Europe after college, never married, chose not to have kids?  Would I be lonely – or would the solitude be a welcome part of my personality?  Would I be fluent in another language (or two)? What craft would I have mastered by now?

In this daydream, I’m often the proprietor of a cheerful and upscale cafe similar to a few we visited in Brussels earlier this year. I’d sell homemade tarts, flaky pastries and gourmet sandwiches.  Local honey and fresh jam resting on rustic wooden tabletops. Regulars stopping in for tea or coffee, chatting with me in some wonderfully romantic language that I artfully mastered.

Perhaps part of the cafe would sell fancy cheeses and artisan meats.  Neighborhood friends could stock up before a picnic in the park or backpackers could pick up a few treats for a train ride to the next country.

When my friend Mary sent me a link to this perfectly cheeky glass water bottle, I immediately thought it would be perfect for my imaginary cafe!  My cafe would not sell bottled water, but instead I would put filtered tap water on each table so customers could fill their glasses with ease.  This super cool bottle clearly states why tap is better, so its easy to make it known why plastic would be a no-no in my shop.  Of course I would sell these bottles so customers could take home a little reminder of their favorite cafe (you can buy it here now: > Remember the days when we drank water from the tap? We still can, but we’ve been convinced bottled water is better for us and we should stick to using tap water to wash our socks. The truth is, the only people bottled water really is better for are the peddlers pushing it. What they “forget” to mention is, almost half of all bottled water comes from the same place as our tap water, only it’s not as well regulated. Instead it get all dressed up in plastic and shipped around, soaking up nasty chemicals until it’s bought. Um, no thanks plastic, bottle. Bring back the tap!

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