Homemade Mother of the Week: Adina Rosenberg, Pre & Post Natal Fitness Instructor

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Today I am very excited to introduce you to Adina Rosenberg.  With her weekly “Prenatal Fit” email newsletter, Adina has become an unofficial ambassador to Chicago mothers trying to get it all done.  Her newsletter features nanny postings, events in the area, casting calls and special deals.  But, her dedication to city parents doesn’t stop there. She currently teaches fitness classes to new moms and moms-to-be at Chicago’s East Bank Club, and soon she is opening her own gym, Prenatal Fit. Adina inspires me to keep healthy!

Keep up with Adina at http://www.prenatalfit.com/. If you live in Chicago, be sure to sign up for her newsletter so you know about kid-friendly happenings around town!

HomemadeMothering: Welcome, Adina! Tell me a little bit about yourself – where you are from, your family, etc.

Adina Rosenberg: I am born and raised in Chicago (I’m 4th generation Chicagoan). I am a practicing conservative Jew.

I am a mother of two beautiful children, ages 8 and 6. I was divorced, but recently I got engaged!

I have been teaching fitness classes since I was 17!

HM: When did you decide to start teaching fitness classes to expecting and new moms?

AR: The first time I started teaching prenatal was when I was trying to get pregnant with my first child. That was nine years ago!!! Woah!

HM: What were some of the challenges you faced when you first started this venture?

AR: The biggest challenge was finding workouts that were appropriate for all trimesters of pregnancy in one prenatal workout class.

HM: What is the best part about working with new and expecting moms?

AR: I love working with preggos and new moms! My prenatal classes are fun because they are both a conversational support group and a great workout.

My new mom classes are lots of fun because I get to see first-hand bonding with moms and their babies.

HM:  What advice would you give a newly pregnant woman regarding her health and overall fitness?  What do you tell mothers who recently gave birth?

AR: Some good advice for a pregnant woman is to stay active and healthy.  Practice the 20 minute rule every day: workout for 20 minutes and if your body is tired and needs a break, relax. But, usually after 20 minutes you feel good enough to continue.

For mothers who have recently given birth, start your intensity low on your workouts and build up your endurance. The best workout to start is to take your baby out for stroller walks. If it is cold outside (like now in Chicago!), stick with a nice gentle yoga routine.

HM: Does exercise while pregnant make labor and delivery easier?  If so, why?

AR: Most definitely exercise makes labor and delivery easier. Labor and delivery is no walk in the park and your body needs to be in tiptop shape to push the baby out. Strength in your legs is needed to carry your baby through your pregnancy (and to push the baby out). Athletic endurance helps with stamina to handle all the contractions. Having flexibility in your hips helps to progress labor.

Being active and strong through your pregnancy also helps you get back to your pre-pregnancy body much quicker.

HM:  What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

AR: Dancing!!

HM: My readers love trying healthy new recipes.  Can you share one of your family’s favorites??

AR: Cooking is not my forte, but I use a great free application when I go grocery shopping: fooducate. It helps me with making better food decisions for my children. The application gives rating for food items and even gives healthier alternatives.


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